Walking Trousers

Whether you're an experienced hiker or a beginner, you are going to require the relevant and correct equipment and that has to begin with the proper clothing - and where better to start than with a decent pair of walking trousers!
Comfort is vital when trekking. Before we look at what makes a great pair of hiking trousers in detail, let’s explore some of the basic do’s’ and don’t’s.

The Basics: Do’s and Don’ts of Walking and Hiking Trousers?

  • DO be picky to ensure optimum comfort! Make sure your hiking trousers offer a suitably comfortable waistband with that comfortable fit and additional drawstrings for adjustments if needed.
  • DON’T wear denim. Jeans are restricting and not waterproof.
  • DO wear longer trousers, whatever the weather is when walking or hiking your legs might be subjected to the odd bramble or stinging nettle!
  • DON’T forget that they will stretch with use make sure they are not too big to start.

It’s clear that comfort is crucial, but how should your legwear perform? There are numerous factors to consider before you purchase those essential hiking trousers!

The primary requirement for hiking trousers is the comfort but durability is also crucial. Harsh elements like the weather, thick vegetation or rocks means a pair of hiking trousers needs to be durable to withstand it all!


Your hiking trousers need to be made of a light fabric. The lighter the fabric the more comfortable you will be when hiking, trekking or climbing. The lightweight fabrics manufactured today are highly breathable, waterproof and durable. 

Pockets, pockets and more pockets

The more storage that you’ve in hiking trousers, the better! You might require space for the map, the compass, the insect repellent and the snacks - there’s quite a list!

Hiking Trousers and the Season

Tog24 Walking Trousers

You can hike any time of the year! It’s without a doubt that an all weather, all year round sport will require appropriate seasonal apparel. What makes that clothing appropriate? Well…

  • Winter and Autumn Walking Trousers: It is an excellent idea to purchase a lined pair with room for an extra layer underneath for warmth. Additionally, they will need to be waterproof or quick drying.
  • Spring and Summer Walking Trousers: You will need a lightweight, breathable and fast wicking fabric. In the spring a waterproof hiking or walking trouser is useful. Furthermore, it is also beneficial to look at convertible models that offer full-length trousers with zippers around the knee to transform them into shorts when required.

Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF)

UV sky

In all types of weather, whatever the time of year, it’s wise to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays! The majority of your hiking trousers offer a UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) rating. Hiking or walking trousers with ultraviolet protection has technical features built into the garment to safeguard against those harmful rays.

In essence, hiking trousers, overall, need to be comfortable and a great fit. They will need to be roomy yet not overly so; they’ll need to offer ventilation and they’ll certainly have to be quick drying in all eventualities. When choosing your hiking trousers, whatever your level or budget might be, ensure that there is enough elasticity for movement, plenty of pockets for storage and that they are the correct warmth or coolness required alongside offering the appropriate length and versatility for the time of year.

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