Womens Sandals

When the summer months hit, there’s nothing better than a go-to pair of reliable and stylish women’s sandals. Whether you spend your days exploring the public footpaths or love heading to the coastal beaches, our collection of women’s flat sandals offer up a selection of chic options that can be easily paired with any outfit. ..

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Crafted with quality TOG24 materials, our boldly branded women’s flip flops come complete with thick soles for extra protection in three of our signature colours including blue jewel, chili and navy. Whether you’re headed to the beach or simply need a stylish pair of slip-ons, our flip-flops are an essential companion for your wider summer wardrobe. For something a little more suited to adventure, our Hi-Tec women’s sandals also guarantee style, practicality and comfort, giving you the freedom and confidence to explore the great outdoors. With adjustable Velcro straps and uniquely designed rubber soles, our Hi-Tec selection of women’s sandals caters to your unique foot shape, offering a long-lasting, optimum fit. Visit our range of women’s sandals in the TOG24 shop to enhance your summer look.

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