Washing Merino Wool

Protect Your Merino Wool Clothing: Washing Merino Wool

Properties of Merino Wool

Merino wool has become a favourite fabric for outdoor clothing.
The wool of Merino sheep is a soft, extra fine natural fibre. Like most wool, Merino is naturally water-repellent and is relatively lightweight to other types of wool. Merino wool is a naturally wicking material meaning it pulls sweat and moisture away from the body. It is body responsive keeping you cool in the heat and providing warmth when it’s chilly.
Merino wool also has some natural mild antibacterial properties to help keep your Merino products protected and clean.

How to Safely Wash Your Merino Wool

How often do you clean Merino Wool

When do I need to clean my Merino wool products?
If you are wearing your Merino wool product regularly and are not doing any strenuous activity which would cause heavy sweating then only wash it every 1-2 weeks. Between washing, you can spot-clean your Merino gear dabbing away any stains with a damp cloth.
If you have been doing an activity that involves sweating or a lot of dirt, you will need to clean the item after that use.

Step by Step: How to Wash Merino Wool

1. Machine Wash (can wash by hand as well but who has the time!). Remember to turn the garment inside out to help protect the outside this will contribute to maintaining softness, and stop bobbling fabric.

2. Set washing machine to the gentle or delicate programme if you have a setting for wool use that programme. If your washing machine does not have a gentle programme or wool programme instead set the temperature to 30˚C.

3. Clean any left over detergent from previous washes from the washing machine's tray. Add detergent that is safe for Merino products, follow the instructions on the bottle. The type of detergent used when washing your Merino products is important. Many laundry detergents often contain harsh surfactants, optical brighteners, perfumes, and various other additives. These do not dissolve completely in water, meaning that even after the cycle is complete, these can be left embedded in your clothes. While these are not damaging to many types of fabric, they can harm Merino wool. The additives can compromise the wool's natural wicking and antibacterial properties, in the long run affecting its overall performance.

4. To dry your Merino wool product check the garment care instructions. If it is allowed to be tumble dried, use a low heat setting. If the product can not be tumble dryed, or if you are unsure and would like to error on the side of caution hang dry the product. It is crucial that you dry it on a flat surface with a clean towel underneath. Hanging or wringing out your garment will stretch the fibres affecting the shape of the product. Keep it away from heaters or other direct sources of heat to avoid shrinking.

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