Womens Ski Jackets

Our wide range of performance womens ski Jackets have been designed and constructed specifically for women with matching or contrasting womens ski pants and salopettes. To help you select your ladies ski jacket we have produced a guide of things we think you should consider in your next womens ski jacket. Ski fashion is important but getting the right ski jacket for the right conditions should be paramount. Consider resort and weather conditions. early season or high altitude resorts you will need a heavy duty womens ski jacket. Lower level or later season skiing you may want to consider a ski shell jacket and partner it with mid layers to control overheating in warmer ski conditions or if you will be pushing hard off piste. There are some common features in all ladies ski jackets that you will find both useful and essential if you want to remain warm and dry whilst on the slopes. Womens ski jackets are made from a variety of different fabric grades so you can balance the level of waterproof and breathability protection you need to suit your style of skiing. The higher the grading the stronger the waterproofing and breathing. Taped seams - essential to prevent water getting in through the stitching of your womens ski jacket, preventing awkward damp patches. High collars and snow cuffs are essential for keeping the wind from around your neck on the ski lift and protecting the joint between your ski jacket and ski glove. Sounds simple but a well placed Ski pass pocket on your ladies ski jacket is a joy. And finally, a snow skirt is essential if your going off piste and even better if your a beginner and expecting to have a few wipe outs.