It’s hard to believe this day actually exists, but Saturday May 9th is International Lost Sock Day! Yes, you heard right. We bet that during lockdown many of you have had the time to sort out your sock drawer, only to find A LOT of odd socks. But before you throw away those old socks you’re holding on to in the hope you’ll find its other half, here at TOG24 we’ve come up with some useful ideas for mismatched socks.


How do you stop children from scratching themselves when they’ve got chicken pox? It’s a tough one, but if you place cotton socks over their hands at night it can help prevent them from scratching the rash.


Hands up if you made a sock puppet as a child. Or have you helped your own child make one during home schooling? Sock puppets are an oldie, but a goodie. And you don’t need to be a craft expert to create one. Stick, sew or glue on wool, pipe cleaners, paper, cardboard or glitter to make whatever you’re imagination comes up with. Long socks are ideal for sock puppets as they cover up your whole hand and some of your arm. Check out this one the TOG24 team came up with!


Old socks make ideal cleaning rags as they slip on over your hand and can be easily washed in the washing machine to be used again and again. From polishing the car to dusting shutters, move your odd socks from the laundry basket to under the sink and keep them with your cleaning products.


Here at TOG we love our dogs (at the last count between all the staff we had 4 whippets!). There are loads of creative ways to turn an old sock into a dog toy, but a simple one is to put a tennis ball into a sock and tie a knot in the end. It’s then great for playing tug with your dog as well as throwing it for them. Remember, with a homemade dog toy to keep a close eye on your dog when first using it in case it chews it up.


This is a really easy one for kids to make and could make a nice Father’s Day gift. Pick a favourite, patterned sock checking of course that it has no holes in it. Then spoon in potpourri until the sock is fairly full. You can tie it at the top with an elastic band to ensure the potpourri doesn’t escape and cover the band with some ribbon. Ta-dah!


Need to write a new weekly home schooling timetable on the whiteboard? Writing up this week’s shopping list? Or just want to write a new message to your household? Then save on kitchen roll by using an old sock to clean the whiteboard. It’s better for the environment than using paper kitchen roll.


If all else fails and you don’t have any use for your old socks then it’s time to get rid of them. We know you’ve probably held on to them for weeks or even months thinking one day their partner will turn up. But it’s time to let go. Good news is that they don’t need to go into the bin and landfill. Take them along to your nearest clothing bank as old textiles can be recycled. And if you need a new pair of socks, head on over to see TOG24’s latest cosy sock selection.

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