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The difference in average earnings of men and women is known as the gender pay gap.

From 2017 we have declared our gender pay gap as required in legislation by calculating the difference between:

  • Median and mean average hourly rate of pay paid to male and female colleagues
  • Median and mean average bonus paid to male and female colleagues
  • Proportions of male and female colleagues who receive bonuses
  • Relative proportions of male and female colleagues in each quartile pay band of the work force

The calculations are based on a snapshot date of 5th April for relevant pay and the 12 month period prior to this date for bonus calculations.    

TOG24 Gender Pay Gap

Female average pay is lower than male average pay as follows: 

  • Mean Average
  • Median Average

TOG24 Bonus Gender Pay Gap

Female average bonuses are lower than male average bonuses as follows:

  • Mean Average
  • Median Average

Proportion of males and females receiving bonuses

  • Males
    of 108 males
  • Females
    of 135 Females

Proportion of males and females in each quartile


An increase in our full pay relevant employees led to a slight increase in our figures for this year.

We had a small number of changes at the request of some senior females to decrease hours and responsibility which led to some of these positions becoming held by males, as we recruited from within. However, we are happy that we were able to accommodate these requests and retain long serving females within our teams whilst also offering internal advancement. Therefore, whilst these decisions had a minor effect on the figures we are confident that the reasoning was right for the individuals and the business alike.

Our employee retention remains exceptionally high within our upper middle and upper quartile therefore these areas remain more consistent. We have some movement within the lower quartiles which is driven by the candidate market at the time of recruitment, as we continue to recruit based on skill.

Whilst the percentage of total staff receiving bonus increased by similar levels for male and female employees, the female mean and median average continued to be lower than men’s in terms of value, this is mostly due to a male dominated leadership team and Board of Directors, which is representative of being family owned.

We have recently enhanced our parental policies further, and introduced policies in relation to wellbeing, menopause and mental health as well as providing training to accompany these enhancements. We continue to keep our recruitment methods under review as well as assessing the long-term impact of any enhancements.



I confirm that the data presented above is accurate, as of 5th April 2023. 

NAME: Emma Woodcock

TITLE: Head of HR