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The difference in average earnings of men and women is known as the gender pay gap.

From 2017 it became a legal requirement for businesses with a headcount of more than 250 colleagues to calculate and publish details of their gender pay figures by calculating the difference between: 

  • Median and mean average hourly rate of pay paid to male and female colleagues
  • Median and mean average bonus paid to male and female colleagues
  • Proportions of male and female colleagues who receive bonuses
  • Relative proportions of male and female colleagues in each quartile pay band of the work force

Mean = all numbers added together and divided by the number of numbers
Median = the middle value when numbers are arranged smallest to largest

The calculations are based on a snapshot date of 5th April for relevant pay and the 12 month period prior to this date for bonus calculations.    

TOG24 Gender Pay Gap

The female mean average for pay is lower than that of the male mean average, however the female median average is higher than the male median as follows:

  • Mean Average
  • Median Average

TOG24 Bonus Gender Pay Gap

Female average bonuses is lower than male average pay as follows:

  • Mean Average
  • Median Average

Proportion of males and females receiving bonuses

  • Males
    of 108 males
  • Females
    of 135 Females

Proportion of males and females in each quartile


Our work to drive change within our business continues, however progress has stalled during the pandemic.

We are continuing to report on times when our stores were adversely affected by Covid-19 and due to this the snapshot date comprises of only 57 full pay relevant employees.  

Due to the erroneous nature of this data, whilst the pay gap data shows significant improvement, we recognise that this may not be comparable.

Our bonus pay gap was further impacted by performance-based bonus payments within stores, which were closed for a significant period during this time. 



I confirm that the data presented above is accurate, as of 5th April 2021. 

NAME: Emma Woodcock

TITLE: Head of HR