Accessories - Gloves

For fans of winter sports, no kit is complete without a reliable pair of gloves...

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Providing long-lasting protection against wind, sleet, snow, and wind, our TOG24 gloves are as perfect for days on the ski slopes as snowman-building sessions with the family. Choose from a range of styles and fits including flexible and stretchy designs like 'Calcutt' - a lightweight, high-performing pair of gloves for when the weather turns chilly. For something a little warmer that allows for plenty of movement in the hands, 'Elmet' makes for a great choice - these microfleece gloves are not only perfectly snug but are usable with tech like smartphones and tablets. For lovers of skiing and snowboarding, our range also features a host of high-performance ski gloves, complete with reinforced palms, all-day waterproof protection, and extended, adjustable cuffs that keep snow out. As always, several pairs of TOG24 gloves come in a selection of our signature colours - mix and match with our wider outerwear range or assemble a striking ski kit that looks great against the brilliant white snow. No matter where your outdoor adventures take you, you'll find the ideal pair of gloves in the TOG24 range.

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