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Being prepared for the ever-changing British weather and the unpredictable nature of outdoor adventures has never been easier with our range of women’s gilets. As with all our collections of TOG24 women’s clothing, you can trust that every women’s gilet has been designed and crafted with durability, warmth and versatility at the heart. Whatever your favourite outdoor activity, from brisk walking and jogging to biking and hiking, our women’s gilets act as a convenient extra layer that can be easily packed away. Choose from extra-warm duck down or synthetic thermal filling for enhanced warmth while enjoying the additional stylish features such as faux fur collars, large, convenient pockets and beautifully placed TOG24 branding for some extra flare. Coming in a range of signature colours such as blue, indigo, aubergine and navy, there’s no limit to what you can pair with our women’s gilets. Shop the TOG24 collection to find the perfect women’s gilet.


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