Probably the best jacket that ever came out of a sack

With waterproof fabric, fully taped seams and a water-repellent coating for good measure, this packaway jacket will definitely keep you dry. Inside is fully lined with a soft mesh on the body and smooth taffeta in the sleeves so your arms slide in easily. It's breathable so you don't get clammy and it keeps out the most blustery Yorkshire wind.

Boring but important

Breathable waterproof fabric, waterproof coating and taped seams will keep you dry.
It comes with a stuff sack, and it’s light at just 180 gsm.

5k waterproof - but what does it really mean?

The HHR (Hydrostatic Head Rating) is the measurement of how much water pressure a piece of fabric can withstand before it starts to seep through. Fabric is placed under a column of water which is 1” in diameter and then 5,000mm of water is added. If the water doesn’t leak through the fabric, then this is rated at 5K. The higher the rating, the more ‘waterproof’ it can be considered. 5K (5,000mm) is sufficient for average to moderate rain on your hike, coastal walk or any decent stint outside in our UK weather. For warmth always layer up, keep moving and head for a pub… or other place of worship.

Breathability explained

Breathability is measured by how many grams of water vapour (i.e. perspiration) can pass through a square metre of fabric during 24 hours. The higher the number, the more breathable the fabric, which keeps you dry and comfortable.

Small but mighty

Poppin' out? Then pop this out (and pop it back in again.) At just 22cm high and 14cm across its your perfect bag essential. Keep it in the car, on the bike, use and abuse it, it’s been known to be a head rest and a saviour from a wet stone seat. Yes it’s small but by jove, is it mighty!