Boys Trousers

Getting the kids ready for an adventurous family day out or a wet or snowy playdate is easier than ever with our versatile boys’ trousers. Ideal for active families who love walks and camping, these boys’ trousers give you peace of mind that your kids are protected against the elements and inevitable dust and dirt that comes with outdoor play. 5k waterproof, 5k breathability, windproofing, and taped seams ensure both wind and rain are kept away from their under layers and skin, while mesh inner lining means there's plenty of ventilation to keep your kids at a comfortable temperature without risk of chafing and clamminess, even in damp weather...

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Available in classic black, these practical boys’ trousers can easily be paired with just about anything, whether a cosy fleece, raincoat, or winter parka. You'll also love that these handy trousers for boys are machine washable, so no matter how messy they might get outdoors, they'll be right as rain after a quick wash and dry.

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