Mens Knitwear

Here at TOG24, we take pride in our knitwear. Durable, soft, warm and super stylish, our knitwear for men is made to last, offering comfort, quality and variety...

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From chunkier cable knit and ribbed styles through to thinner crew and funnel neck options, our men’s knitwear has both casual and smart choices suitable for any occasion.

Choose from a range of classic TOG24 colours, all inspired by the brisk and natural Yorkshire landscape. Alongside classic shades like black and grey, our men’s knitwear also ranges from forest green to amber orange to add extra visual interest to your wardrobe. Designed to keep the wind out and the warmth in, our men’s knitwear is as practical as it is stylish, fulling demonstrating the multifaceted nature of TOG24’s clothing. With our clothing speaking for itself, our TOG24 branding has been subtly incorporated into each knitwear design, ensuring the focus is on your personal style and overall look. Visit our online shop to view our full range of men’s knitwear and to find your next perfect fit.

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