3 Coastal Crafts Ideas for Your Home


Aug 20, 2020

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3 Coastal Crafts Ideas for Your Home

Not only is the seaside great for a day out and a cone of chips, but the British coast has so much more to offer if you know where to look. If you’re after some seaside inspired upgrades for your home, the man shed or the gin bar then, as they say ‘eyes down’ and get looking for some of the treasures below to make your house a shanty-chic home.


Shell Picture Frames

Add some coastal calm to any plain frame. Simply find the shells, give them a clean clean (we like to vanish too, for that extra shine) and then hot glue them to the frame. It’s really easy to do and can make a huge difference to a photo, or even a painting you/the kids have created. You don’t have to stop there, have a go at a mini beach clean or save bits from your trip - wine corks, ring pulls, bottle tops and more - for that added ‘great memory, must drink less?’ vibe.


Anniversary Date Driftwood Sign

You’ll have no excuse now: make an anniversary date sign, hang it over your ‘see how much we love each other when the cameras on’ wall and, once a year be in each other’s good books as you celebrate your magical day of ‘finally found the person I want to annoy for the rest of my life’

Its best you practice on your cleaned piece of drift wood (wash with soapy water and leave to dry over night) then, with pencil, start your date (or message) until you’re happy with the look. Now take some paint and commit! Of course, you could use any special date you like.


Summer Wreath

Things you will need:

• prepared styrofoam wreath form
• various shells
• painters cloth / hessian fabric
• package craft netting (usually has two pieces of netting in the bag)
• hot glue
• pins
• cardboard

For the real artists out there why not going all out with a seaside inspired door wreath. It’s bit of a cheat… most of the kit comes from your local Art & Craft store. But – who’s to know?! You could always claim to have found a ships port-hole on the beach and fancied-it-up with shells you picked whilst enjoying a sunset. Whatever you say, it’s a beautiful decoration that adds ‘happy’ vibes no matter where its placed.

Simply wrap the wreath in the cloth and glue down. Next, take your shells and net – draping and arranging them as you desire. Once you are happy with the look, glue everything down carefully. Finally, stand back and enjoy your dreamy new door decoration.

Get ready

Beach combing requires a little forward planning by way of weather watching. Lightweight waterproofs, a softshell or a hoody should the wind blow in are the perfect options to ensure the mind stays on the treasure hunt rather family-jewel concerns.


Men’s packaway jacket



Mens softshell jacket


Men’s hoody


Women’s packaway jacket


Women’s softshell jacket


Women’s full zip hoody

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