You may be used to seeing Frank the Whippet on our social media and beyond, but this Autumn 2019 is Henry the Labrador’s time to shine. Or we should say… Henry the Diva.

Companion to our non-exec MD, Henry is used to copious amounts of cuddles in head office and isn’t one to perform for humans unless you can offer him a tasty treat in exchange. You may also find him bounding through puddles on Ilkley Moor and charging across the sand on Whitby beach. Much to our delight when it’s time to clean off muddy paws…

This time, though, we were asking for it! Did our illusion fool you? Our AUTUMN YAY campaign photoshoot was actually a super sunny and pleasant day, with just a little wind, so we had to use our weather simulator to recreate the wonderful effects of a British autumn.

Henry’s afternoon walk took a slightly unusual turn under the sprinkles of the weather machine, but not before he took his sweet time to enjoy the breeze in his ears. And wouldn’t you? That’s showbiz, baby!

And don’t worry, we have been asked why Henry doesn’t have his own little coat on. Well, 2 reasons. 1 – we don’t do coats for dogs (yet!) 2 – labs are well known for their all-weather-escapades. Even swimming in winter! They have a double-layered coat and a nice layer of body fat to keep them warm, unlike whippets who do feel the cold. You’re sure to see Frank sporting his very own bespoke winter coat very soon!

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