Dec 02, 2022

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You might always have worn a fleece under your puffer jacket or teamed your gilet with walking trousers and hiking boots. It’s just normal when you head into the great outdoors, but what you might not have known is that you’re in fact a trend setter and were an early adopter of gorpcore.

So, what is gorpcore and how do you get the look? Here we’ll run through everything you need to know.

What is gorpcore

The phrase gorpcore was first coined in 2017. It was originally inspired by the term “good ol’ raisins and peanuts” which is a US way of describing trail mix – that hiking staple. It was then paired with the unfussy traits of normcore (a fashion trend inspired by unpretentious average looking clothing).

Originally it was all about fashionable but functional staples. But now it’s been heavily influenced by the pandemic and the desire for more people to get out and explore the great outdoors, which is of course something we’re all behind at TOG24. Now you’ll see puffers, gilets, hiking boots and walking shoes everywhere. Not just on the hills and peaks!

How do you get the gorpcore look?

If you already love exploring in the countryside and wilderness, gorpcore will likely come naturally. But if you’re looking for a few pointers on nailing the style, this is what you should be aiming for. We’re talking big jackets, layering and some bright colours too.

Puffer jackets

Down-filled jackets are a key element of gorpcore. And our Calverley Men’s Jacket is the ideal piece. It’s designed to stand up to the rigours of a Yorkshire winter, so it will definitely do the job in the towns and cities of the UK. It’s also filled with insulated eco filling from recycled bottles so is environmentally friendly too. Our Raleigh Women’s Jacket is right on the money with gorpcore too, promising a puffer style with a sleeping bag vibe – there’s plenty of room underneath for layering as well.

Our Berg Men’s Ski Jacket also ticks the gorpcore box, and is again filled with eco filling from recycled bottles. It’s designed for the slopes, but is also ideal when it’s cold, drizzly and windy out, or if you simply want to get the gorpcore style when you step out the house.

Ski jackets

You don’t have to wear a puffer jacket for your look still to be considered gorpcore, but you will need some form of big outer jacket. Specifically one that’s roomy enough for multiple layers to go underneath. Did we mention layering was an essential part of the style?

Ski jackets work wonders for the look, and we’ve got a great range at TOG24 that do just the job. Our Hunsworth Men’s Jacket and Altitude Men’s Ski Jacket both bring some camo flavour to the table and work in the city just as well as they do on the slopes.


There’s arguably no single item of clothing that defines gorpcore better than a fleece mid-layer. They often feature full-length zips to open all the way or quarter-length necks to pull over your head.

This Gargrave Men’s Fleece really does the job for the quarter neck style, whilst our Eshton Men’s Fleece zips all the way down. Our Gilstead Women’s Sherpa Fleece Jacket is also perfect, whilst our Farnley Sherpa jacket is an ideal alternative to a regular fleece.


This is also an essential to layer under your outer jacket to make sure you get the gorpcore aesthetic bang on. It will also keep you well and truly toasty in winter. Our Murton Men’s Gilet brings the puffer styling and would work well over a fleece, while our Ledston women’s gilet brings some brightness – also one of the biggest elements of the trend.

The rest of your outfit

Other key pieces for your gorpcore wardrobe include long sleeve t-shirts under your fleece, wide legged trousers (definitely not skinny jeans), hiking boots or walking shoes and some chunky and colourful ski socks. You might also want to throw a backpack into the mix too.

Ready to take on gorpcore this winter as well as the elements? We’ve got you covered at TOG24.
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