How to select the correct walking boot


Oct 05, 2023

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How to select the correct walking boot

Owning a good, sturdy pair of walking boots is essential if you’re planning on heading into the great outdoors for an adventure. As well as protecting your feet from mud and rain, walking shoes are essential for comfort and for avoiding any unnecessary injuries. But how do you select the right pair of walking boots for you?

With so much choice on offer, it can be a tricky task. Thankfully, our experts at TOG24 are here with some tips to help make the walking boot-buying process that little bit easier.

What are walking boots for?

Walking boots and walking shoes are a level up from a pair of trainers. They offer a little bit more support and comfort when you’re heading outside for longer periods of time. They’re especially important to consider if you’re planning on walking on muddy or uneven terrains.

Five major benefits of walking boots:

  1. Sturdier soles with good grip for walking on rough ground or slippery surfaces
  2. High-quality (and typically waterproof materials) to keep your feet warm and dry
  3. Padded detailing (particularly around the ankle) for extra support
  4. Breathable linings to prevent your feet from overheating
  5. Robust laces, and hook and eye fastenings which let you customise your fit

Who should you buy walking boots?

You don’t need to be a regular hiker to need a pair of walking boots. Even if you only go on the occasional hill walk or the odd camping trip, it’s well worth having a pair. In our opinion, they really are a wardrobe and outdoor kit staple.

Walking boots come in all manner of styles too, from heavy-duty leather options to lightweight designs that are ideal for more leisurely adventures in warmer climes.

Choosing your walking boots

Think about what you need them for

Are you after a pair of comfy walking boots for daily dog walks? Or are you planning an epic multi-day hike in mountainous terrain? Working out exactly where you’ll be wearing your new walking boots (and how often) will help narrow down the choices.

If you’ll mainly be walking on woodland trails or up smaller hills, a solid pair of walking shoes – such as those found in our own TOG 24 footwear range – could be ideal. For longer hikes in tougher terrain or for mountaineering, a much more solid pair of walking boots is recommended. Why? Because they’ll offer you far better ankle support, a little extra comfort and a thicker sole. We have plenty on sale at TOG24.

Consider the best material for your needs

Planning on hiking in all weathers? It’s definitely worth investing in a pair of waterproof walking boots. Grisport has a great selection of waterproof walking boots and shoes which come in a range of styles and colours.

As well as being made from water-resistant materials, they’ve also been designed with breathable linings to prevent your feet from overheating and to stop odours – an especially important feature if you’re hiking for hours at a time!

You’ll also need to decide whether you want leather or synthetic walking boots. Synthetic fabrics have come a long way and are now equally as good, if not better, than leather. Many companies will also use sustainable materials in their boot designs if you’d prefer your footwear buying to be a little greener.

Choose the right fit

You could buy the most well-reviewed pair of walking boots on the planet – but if they’re ill-fitting, you’ll be wishing you never bothered. Nobody wants to be left with blisters or pinched toes, after all!

It’s no secret that everyone’s feet are completely unique. What’s more, every shoe brand is slightly different when it comes to sizing. This means it’s always worth trying on your chosen boots in a couple of different sizes and styles. As you’ll likely wear thicker socks with your walking boots (especially if you’re hiking in cooler weather), we’d recommend going up a half size wherever possible.

Visiting a TOG24 store in person to try on your boots is always a good option as we’ll be able to help you find the right fit for your feet and needs. However, we know shopping in person isn’t always convenient. Thanks to our hassle free returns policy, you can purchase a few different pairs online to try on at home and then simply post back the ones you don’t want to keep. Easy!

Decide on your budget

You don’t need to spend a fortune on a good pair of walking boots. Nowadays, there are so many brands which offer high-quality, long-lasting styles for under £100.

No matter what your budget is, you’re bound to find a great pair of walking shoes to suit your needs at TOG24. We’ve got options from numerous household brands, including a brand-new selection from Skechers featuring various styles and cool colourways to match the rest of your outdoor gear.

Don’t forget about your socks

In addition to buying a brilliant new pair of walking boots, remember to take a peek at our range of walking socks. These have been designed in different materials to help support your feet when you’re exploring nature.

As well as socks crafted from moisture-wicking synthetic fabrics, you’ll also spot options made from natural fibres like merino wool which provide extra warmth while simultaneously allowing your feet to breathe.

Ready to find the perfect pair of walking boots for practicality and comfort? Shop our men’s and women’s ranges today and get ready for your next outdoor adventure!

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