How To Wear A Crewneck Jumper


Jun 08, 2021

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How To Wear A Crewneck Jumper

Classic, comfortable, and simple - when it comes to easy-to-style t-shirts and jumpers, there’s nothing quite like a crew neck. Unlike V-necks, scoop necks, and turtlenecks, the classic crew neck is often considered a universally flattering cut that works with just about everything.

Whether we wear them with t-shirts, regular shirts or even thermal pyjamas, there’s a good chance we’ve all got a crew neck or two in our wardrobes. But as a staple piece of clothing, these everyday garments may not always come to mind when we think of personal style and expression.

As designers and crafters of clothing that’s both functional and stylish, today we’re hoping to inspire all the crew neck wearers out there. To us, a crew neck jumper is far more than just a basic layer. With the right accessorising and layering, your everyday crew neck can make an excellent base for a sharp and stylish outfit perfect for a night out or a day at the office.

Today, we’ve pulled together some essential information on the classic crew neck, along with our favourite tips and tricks on how to wear a crew neck jumper or tee.

What Is A Crew Neck Jumper?

If you picture a hoodless jumper in your mind, chances are, you’ve just pictured a crew neck - a garment with a rounded neck and no collar.

Originally developed in the United States to prevent neck chafing during sports like American Football, crew necks are designed to sit a little higher on the neck with a slightly snug fit. While collarless, crew necks often have a ribbed hem or decorative V shaped stitching at the front, popularised in the 1930s and 40s (back when it was actually functional).

Nowadays, crew necks have been adapted as a standard cut for long and short sleeve t-shirts, raglan shirts, jumpers, vests, thermals, running tops, and pyjamas. Offering a flattering, conservative fit, crew necks are not only comfortable but functional too.

Thanks to their original intended design, crew necks are great for those who wear backpacks and work bags, or have jackets made with irritating or itchy materials.

How To Wear A Crew Neck Jumper

As an extremely versatile item in your wardrobe, it can be tricky to know how to wear a crew neck jumper in the best way. But with a few handy tips and a little style guidance, you’ll be comfortably and confidently rocking your crew necks in no time. To help you along, here are our top tips on how to wear a crew neck jumper:

Tip 1: If the material is thin, layer up

Plenty of crew neck jumpers (particularly those leaning towards the smart side) are specifically designed to be worn over another layer. Usually made with lightweight cotton or cotton blends, these crew neck jumpers are meant to offer the flattering look and fit of a smart, long-sleeved jumper without adding excess bulk or warmth.

As a result, lightweight crew neck jumpers can sometimes be a little translucent or unflattering when worn on their own. Unless your crew neck feels warm enough for winter or autumn, chances are, you should wear a base layer underneath.

Tip 2: Crew neck with crew neck (unless it’s a shirt):

If you do decide to wear a t-shirt under your crew neck jumper, always make sure that it’s also a crew neck. With aligning seams and necklines, your jumper will feel far more comfortable, look sharper, and stay in place as you move about. More often than not, the neckline of your t-shirt will show through your jumper, so it’s best to avoid any mis-matched necklines like V-necks or scoop necks.

As a popular choice for professional men and women, the shirt-and-crew-neck-jumper combination is a timeless classic that shows no signs of slowing. If you are choosing to wear a button-up shirt underneath your crew neck jumper, simply ensure that the jumper over the top is not overly tight or loose. The jumper should sit comfortably on top of your button-up shirt, without showing through details such as buttons, shirt wrinkles, or seams.

Styling A Crew Neck

Unlike turtlenecks, V-necks, and roll-necks, the simplicity of a crew neck tee or jumper makes them ideal for getting adventurous with accessories and assembling new looks. Much like a pair of plain blue jeans, a simple crew neck is an excellent base for accessorising with necklaces, scarves, statement jackets, vests, and more.

If you like the idea of pulling together comfortable and super stylish outfits without the fuss, then having a handful of high quality crew neck jumpers on rotation is a great start. Here’s a simple outfit formula that incorporates the classic crew neck:

  1. Choose a plain white, black or colour crew neck
  2. Choose a pair of jeans / chinos / trousers
  3. Add a contrast trainer / shoe
  4. Add 1-2 bold accessories or colour accents

Of course, feel free to mix and match - perhaps you prefer a statement trainer, or you’d rather a bright coloured crew neck to be the focal point. Either way, these versatile staples are excellent for mixing and matching, making assembling a great outfit that much easier.

No matter how you choose to wear your crew neck jumpers, we hope today’s guide helps you navigate these classic garments with a little more confidence. To find a host of high-performance, quality crew necks for men, women, and kids, be sure to browse the latest TOG24 collection, online and in-store.

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