Product Focus: Hydro Flasks


Nov 05, 2021

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Product Focus: Hydro Flasks

Found in walkers’ backpacks, athletes’ lockers, commuters’ tote bags , and students’ laptop cases, Hydro Flasks have recently taken the world of reusable flasks by storm. These handy receptacles provide a stylish and sustainable alternative to disposable and lower quality water bottles, coffee cups and other disposal drinks containers. Offering optimum thermal control, improved taste, and other practical touches, Hydro Flasks are an everyday item that new and established users alike have come to know and love.

For the coffee enthusiasts amongst us, now is the perfect time to get a Hydro Flask just in time for International Coffee Day. This day celebrates coffee around the world, stressing the drinks’ health benefits and tastiness. The day also has a more serious focus looking at the sustainability of the global coffee supply chain and campaigning for better rights for growers.

For those in the market for a new flask, here’s all you need to know about Hydro Flasks including what they are, how to clean them, and other handy tips to ensure your flask stands the test of time.

What is a Hydro Flask?

Hydro Flask is a brand of thermal water bottle originally founded in 2009. Designed as an alternative to standard water bottles, Hydro Flasks are known for their practicality, quality, and sustainability. As well as coming in a range of unique colours and sizes, their unique selling points include:

Temperature maintenance: Hydro Flasks maintain their temperature using TempShield™, a double wall vacuum insulation that maintains the temperature of hot and cold beverages alike.

Improved Taste: Using 18/8 pro-grade stainless steel, Hydro Flask’s materials do not absorb or transfer flavours between beverages, nor does it produce a metallic or plastic taste as with some lower quality flasks.

Easy to Transport: With a signature powder coat, Hydro Flasks are easy to carry and are sweat-free, making them ideal for transport.

Sustainable: Hydro Flasks come with a lifetime warranty, meaning you should only ever need to buy just one.

Combined with their environmentally focused ethos, these design features and practical touches have defined Hydro Flasks as a great all-rounder for those in the market for a reusable water bottle.

How to clean a flask

As with all your outdoor kit, maintenance is an important part of owning a reusable water flask. Depending on the type of flask you have, there may be several parts that require individual cleaning, particularly when you use the flask for things like tea and coffee. While it’s always best to check the maintenance instructions that come with your flask, if you don’t have them, here are a few basic guidelines that should come in handy:

Tip 1: Avoid the dishwasher (unless otherwise stated)

Unless otherwise stated on the care instructions, washing your flask in the dishwasher carries a risk of damage. Even those that are dishwasher safe may encourage hand washing as your flasks are bound to last longer by using a hand washing method. If in doubt, always check the care instructions online of your water flask manufacturer or avoid the dishwasher altogether.

Tip 2: Avoid soaking for long periods

While it may be tempting to leave your water flask to soak in some soapy water, for the longevity and reliability of your flask, it’s best just to get the job done. Soaking your flask and its components for long periods of time may damage the coatings, graphics, and seals. Instead, hand wash in (tolerably) hot water with some gentle dish soap before thoroughly rinsing and leaving on the rack to dry.

Tip 3: Use natural cleaning products for stubborn stains

If your water flask has a unique coating or has the propensity to absorb tastes / smells from chemicals, it’s best to avoid harsh products like bleach. Instead, opt for natural cleaners such as baking soda along with a soft cloth or brush. For difficult to reach stains, you can also purchase effervescent tablets to help clean the inside of the bottle

If you own or are thinking about purchasing a Hydro Flask, be sure to read over their brand-specific guidelines before attempting to wash your flask.


Hydro Flasks are suitable for both cold and hot beverages - whether it’s ice cold water after a hot summer jog or some warming tea after a frosty walk, these reusable thermal cups are great for year round adventures.

Hydro Flask’s double-walled vacuum design also ensures that the heat / chill of your beverage is contained internally, so the surface of the bottle will never be too hot or cold to handle. This design feature is not only practical, but ensures the flasks are safe to handle for the whole family.

While you can put hot drinks in your Hydro Flask, it’s important to never soak your flask in hot water, as this may break down the powder coating. You’ll also want to avoid the freezer – for icy cold water, fill the flask with chilled water before adding a few ice cubes.


Hydro Flasks and other reusable, long-lasting water bottles are far better for the environment than disposable or poor quality plastic water bottles. By simply making the switch to a reusable bottle with a lifelong guarantee, you’ll be doing that extra bit to keep our planet free of excess plastic and rubbish generated from hot and cold drinks.

With the ability to keep your cold drinks cold and your hot drinks hot, Hydro Flasks can also help you resist the temptation of shop-bought chilled drinks or disposable thermal coffee cups from the cafe – gone are the days of lukewarm drinking water or cold tea and coffee.

Finally, as a BPA free alternative to standard plastic water bottles, Hydro Flasks and other stainless steel flasks may even be better for your health. Overall, by adopting a reusable flask into your day-to-day routine, you’ll be doing yourself and the planet a favour.

To find your own reusable water flask, browse the full Hydro Flask collection or find a new reusable bottle in our latest collection online and in-store.

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