Kids Fleece Zipnecks

At times, getting the kids dressed and out the door can be a bit of a challenge...

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Cumbersome buttons and fussy zips can quickly escalate into tantrums, late departures, and kids who refuse to wear their coats and jackets. Here at TOG24, we've applied the same design logic to our kids’ clothes as our adults’ outerwear: simple, effective, and fuss free. If you're looking for a simple pullover for your kids that's warm as a coat yet is wearable indoors, then our 'Shire' kids fleece is an excellent option. This fleece is a simple thermal layer that can easily be pulled over any t-shirt. With a handy quarter zip at the neck, 'Shire' is a simple alternative to a light jacket without all the bells and whistles - a great option for encouraging kids to get themselves ready. Offering an ultra-soft, cosy fit, this fleece also feels like an indoor sweater that can be worn under other jackets. Should your kids decide to ditch their winter jacket at the playground, you trust 'Shire' to keep them warm until pickup time comes. As with our adult range of fleeces and thermals, our fleece jackets for kids come in a range of fun colours too.

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