Here in the UK, no outdoor kit is complete without a reliable pair of walking boots. Perfect for tackling muddy, wet and varied terrain, our trusty walking boots keep us comfortable, dry and able to carry on mile after mile with ease...

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Our collection of men’s walking boots boasts a tasteful selection of designs, including more minimal, vintage looks suitable for a casual day out or super-performance options to match the rest of your outdoor gear. Choose from charcoal, chocolate, grey and red tones as you find the perfect walking boot for you and your unique style. With quality at the forefront of each boot we create, all of our men’s walking boots are held together with top-of-the-line materials and proven manufacturing techniques to ensure they last (and protect you) when the going gets tough. View our full range of signature men’s walking boots in the TOG24 shop to find your soon-to-be old reliables.

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