Our products

We design our products to last forever, and ever


The Highest quality

In our 65+ years of business, we have always strived to make the highest quality products we can and we never chase fast trends.

Our suppliers work with the best materials possible; from sustainable cotton to responsibly sourced down, so that our products last longer, and that we can give the best value clothing on the market.

Rigorously Tested

When our products arrive in our Spen Valley home, they are rigorously tested by our in-house quality control team, so we can ensure our customers receive constant excellence and only get the best products.

If the products are not up to scratch, they don’t get tossed to the side. Instead, they’re either repaired, responsibly recycled or donated to a series of fantastic charities and community groups: 

Yorkshire Air Ambulance
Eden’s Forest Community Interest Company

Our Materials

The materials that make up our products are of tip-top quality. However, we also consider the environmental impact of each of them. We use one reputable down supplier; down is an excellent, natural insulator and a by-product of the meat industry, meaning it is naturally sustainable. 

Where we can, we use sustainably sourced cotton, we aim to include even more in our range each year, and the synthetic fill used in all our padded jackets is made from recycled plastic bottles.


All our waterproof jackets have a DWR coating on the fabrics surface. A few years ago we stopped using C8 DWR's and have moved to C6 which is a shorter-chain treatment that breaks down in the environment faster. This option is still not good enough, but until there are further developments in technology this is the best option. We are constantly striving to get better when it comes to using the right materials and aim to improve whenever we can.

Product Circularity

We are focused upon improving the circularity of our products, meaning they stick around and never end up in landfill.

Our products are thoroughly tested before hitting our stores, so we know that they'll have a long lifecycle. We also ensure our retail team are clued up on after-care, which you can also find out more about in our Blogs.

However, when the British weather does take its toll, we offer an in-house Repairs Service, where our brilliant team can help revitalise damaged clothing.

Preworn Collaboration

We have recently collaborated with Preworn, a re-sale clothing site, who are able to help give old TOG24 product a second lease of life. When customers purchase from Preworn they're also able to select a charity for Preworn to donate 15% of their order value to.

We never send our goods to landfill. If clothing cannot be repaired or donated, it will be recycled. We aim for our quality products to have full and sustainable lifecycles.

Responsible Down Standard

As of October 2023, TOG24 became RDS certified. This means that we have been able to prove that we have put all the correct processes in place to ensure that our down is traceable throughout the entirety of the supply chain.

The RDS certification focuses on the animal welfare from its source, as down is a bi-product of the ducks and geese that are bred for the food industry. The certification process ensures that the down from the responsible certified source is free from contamination when passing through the supply chain.