The earth is extremely important to us, and from supplier to store, we always try to protect it



Throughout our supply chain, we aim to minimise our emissions and harm on the environment. Obviously shipping products around the world is a carbon heavy practice, however we aim to offset our carbon footprint where we can, therefore, we work with partners who share this priority goal.

Some of our logistics partners try to remain climate positive and offset their carbon emissions. We ship our products in full containers, to ensure that we avoid the massive carbon offsets flying creates, and to not waste space.

Between the warehouse and stores, we use TNT and Fedex for delivery, 90% of each of these companies’ deliveries are carbon neutral.

Royal Mail, who deliver our products to your door, also have a 90% rate of carbon neutral deliveries. With moves to electric vehicles, they’re on their way to complete carbon neutrality by 2040.

In our head office, we have solar panelling on our roof and our lighting is both LED and timed, to reduce emissions.


We want to preserve the beauty of Britain, so future generations can enjoy the outdoors our idyllic isles have to offer.  

Working with the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, we have been able to raise money and awareness for the preservation of God’s Own County. To date, through the sale of a collaborative t-shirt and a wild tote bag, we have raised over £6000 for the charity, who help care for Yorkshire’s abundant wildlife. 

We have worked previously with Go Jauntly, who encourage people to get out and appreciate the UK’s wilderness. We worked together to sponsor the UK’s longest coastal path, a wonderful way to get outdoors.


Waste and Recycling

We aim to create as little waste as possible and therefore strive to use recyclable materials whenever we can.

The paper carrier bags used in our stores alongside our mail order, and Poly-bags, are all 100% recycled and recyclable.

In our head office and warehouse, all the cardboard, plastic and tissue paper we use is recycled. All our stores recycle their cardboard and we’re working hard to support them to be able to also fully recycle all plastic and tissue paper.