5 Ideas for Easter Weekend Activities with the Kids during Lockdown 


Apr 10, 2020

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5 Ideas for Easter Weekend Activities with the Kids during Lockdown 

For those of us who have kids, the folk who have embraced the eternal house mess and don't mind a bit more and the ones who love the mischief and the mayhem who welcome the distraction of something new to do during these loooong days of being parent-workers-entertainers all in one hour. Here are several fun things you can all get involved in during the Easter weekend ...and beyond!


Egg Hunt

We're going on an egg hunt, we're gonna find a chocolate one! Fear not, because if you haven't managed to grab any chocolate eggs this year. there are lots of other things you could hide for the kids to find instead. Try coins, action figures, or jigsaw pieces... so you can put the jigsaw puzzle together at the end!


Easter Bonnets

It's an oldie but a goodie! Have a go at decorating some Easter bonnets. If you don't have any hats at home already to decorate, you could try making them out of card and then adding the decorations. You could collect decorations (sticks, flowers, leaves) on your daily walk if you don't have any supplies to hand. Finish with an Easter bonnet parade around the house...

 Funny Bunny

 Everybody's heard of Elf on the Shelf, right? Why not try it with an Easter-themed toy? Funny Bunny! It's Christmas come early! This one is great because you can make it last for quite a few days, giving the kids something new and exciting to see every day while stuck in the house. 


Arts and Crafts

 Blow out some eggs to decorate (pierce both ends, gently blow the interiors into a bowl, rinse with water, and voila) or use balloons and paper mache to create giant eggs to paint instead. Or, you could use old toilet roll tubes to stamp egg shapes, or get creative and create rabbits! You could create all sorts of Easter artwork to put in your front window for other children to enjoy on their daily walks. 


Obstacle Course

What about something active? You could put together an obstacle course around the garden and invent Easter themes for each task, for example 'bunny hopping', and of course, 'egg and spoon racing'. Make it a race, or give a time limit to make it even more fun!

And here's a bunch of other images as this silly programme can't show more than one per subject- It's enough to make you hopping mad!

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