Ways you can help


Apr 09, 2020

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Ways you can help

We're in this TOGether.

All of us are being affected in profound ways. Here are just a few ways to help if you have the time and opportunity. We'll keep adding and updating. 

We hope this finds you all safe and well.

NHS Volunteering:

Currently on hold due to the incredible national response


  • Community Response - collecting shopping, medication and other supplies and delivering them for those in need.
  • Patient Transport - transporting patients who are declared fit back to their homes
  • NHS Transport - transporting equipment and supplies between NHS sites
  • Check in & Chat - short phone calls with those at risk of loneliness. Shields those in need and takes strain off the NHS.

Red Cross:

Sign up to be a reserve volunteer. Help the community during the crisis (work unspecified on site)


With the rapid development of coronavirus, volunteering has become even more crucial to our communities. Here’s how you can help with volunteering assistance relating to coronavirus.

VAS (Sheffield based):

  • Similar to NHS work, just locally focused in Sheffield
  • Help with basic errands, such as food shopping
  • Connecting people
  • Providing emotional support and social contact
  • Volunteer to work at local food banks: sorting donations, packing boxes and making deliveries
  • Provide links to find your local food banks, where you can volunteer
  • Food banks help those on furlough, but are at risk due to high proportion of older volunteers

    Community Care Volunteering (Leeds based):

    Volunteers can offer practical help for the vulnerable: shopping deliveries, meal prep, making check in calls, etc. Can help the neighbourhood in more general ways too.

    • Volunteers help those in the community who need shopping, prescription, post or anything else
    • Many of local centres across the UK, including Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds
    • Can also donate to their cause
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