Getting wardrobe ready for spring and early summer


May 12, 2023

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Getting wardrobe ready for spring and early summer

As the last signs of winter phase out and we settle into spring, now is the time to clear out the heavy jackets, hats, gloves, and ski wear and bring in clothing for milder (and potentially wetter) weather. While there are plenty of sunny days, spring is no stranger to rain. So for those who love some outdoor time, having the right kit is essential for an enjoyable spring and start of summer (we are talking about the UK weather after all).

Whether you’re unsure of what your kit is lacking or simply need some inspiration, in today’s guide we’ll detail how to get your outdoor and casual wardrobe ready for slightly warmer yet still wet weather.

Spring essentials - outdoor kit

Starting with your outdoor kit, it’s important that your spring wardrobe features good quality, weather-resistant layers, including the below:

  • Lightweight & breathable waterproof jacket: After stowing away your heavy winter parka, you’ll want to have a light 
    waterproof jacket for spring. As a damp time of year, opt for jackets that are water-resistant but still breathable for optimum comfort. Waterproof jackets come in all shapes and sizes, so choose depending on how you’ll be using the jacket (i.e. hiking, day-to-day walking, cycling).
  • Waterproof packaway: Great for those surprise showers, a waterproof packaway jacket is ideal for quickly giving you ample protection from the rain without needing to wear a coat. Designed to tuck away in a small bag, you can carry this pack-away virtually anywhere to ensure you’re kept comfortable and dry.
  • Waterproof walking trousers: Ideal for hiking/trekking and even daily walks with the dog, waterproof trousers are great for keeping you warm, dry, and clean. With all the spring and early summer rain, many walking trails are slippery and muddy, so a pair of durable, ripstop walking trousers are a must.
  • Breathable, quick-wicking leggings: High-performance, breathable leggings that are quick to wick away moisture are great for the damp weather. Ideal for outdoor running and hiking as well as casual wearing day to day, these make for a versatile go-to for your wardrobe.
  • Waterproof walking boots: Having a reliable pair of water-resistant walking boots with great grip will help any nature-lover enjoy spring and summer even more. Look for options that are breathable, provide ankle and arch support and have good grip so you can stay dry (and safe) on any slippery trails.
  • Sunglasses: Longer days and more sun means you’ll want a good pair of sunglasses to keep the sun out of your eyes, especially during road runs, treks, and hikes.

Whether you love a long hike or need practical everyday waterproof clothing for walking the dog or commuting, you’ll thank yourself for investing in the above.

Preparing your everyday wardrobe

With your outdoor kit up to date, you’ll also want to think about updating your casual, everyday wardrobe as well. Spring and early summer can be an odd time for weather in the UK, with a mix of warm and cold days, plus plenty of rain. Below, we’ve detailed some reliable essentials that are great for the mixed weather.

  • Long sleeve and short sleeve t-shirts: A long sleeve t-shirt is a great option for weather that’s not quite warm enough for bare arms but doesn’t warrant a hoodie or coat. Having a few of these along with a selection of breathable, super soft t-shirts and polo shirts ensures you’ve got a versatile rotation.
  • Lightweight gilets: Providing warmth around your core without being too heavy or restrictive, gilets are a great companion for springtime.
  • Cargo trousers: Cargo trousers are a great cross-over between walking trousers and everyday trousers - practical for the outdoors yet wearable in a casual setting, these are a great option for springtime.
  • Lightweight, breathable hoodies: Hoodies are a great choice for springtime. Worn on their own or under a lightweight waterproof, hoodies can help you feel cosy on days when there is a chill in the air without feeling too heavy or warm.
  • Shorts: It’s not unusual to get the odd hot day in spring, and you definitely will in early summer. When you want to get in the great outdoors and take advantage of the warm weather, you’ll want a reliable and comfortable pair of lightweight or cargo shorts in your wardrobe.
  • Shackets: Shackets are a fantastic option for spring as they provide the casual stylish look of a shirt with the added warmth of a jacket. Ideal for wearing with just about any pair of jeans, chinos, or leggings, shackets are versatile and functional.


Styling tips for spring

How to style a hoodie:
Hoodies are super versatile when it comes to styling. While they are quite casual, accessories and the addition of layers like a smart jacket can make a hoodie a lot more visually interesting and stylish.

How to style a polo shirt:
Combining the freedom and breathability of a t-shirt with the smarter look of a button-up shirt, polos are super versatile. Dress it up or down with your go-to jeans or chinos by adding a front-zip hoodie and trainers or smart shoes and a blazer. Even on its own, a polo can be worn for both smart and casual occasions.

How to style a t-shirt:
On their own, t-shirts are a fairly casual item that you can wear with jeans, chinos, or shorts. For something smarter, layer a plain T-shirt under a smart jacket with a pair of nice boots or shoes. For something more casual, you can wear a t-shirt on its own or layer it under a shacket or check shirt that’s buttoned part way up or fully open with a pair of jeans and trainers.

Are cargo shorts in style?
Known for their practicality, cargo shorts are great for those who enjoy getting outside and need a pair of breathable shorts with spacious pockets and durable fabric. Cargo shorts, especially when worn in an outdoor or casual setting, are a classic and stylish option. By ensuring you get the right fit and by matching your shorts with complementary coloured t-shirts and footwear, you can count on cargo shorts to be a stylish choice for spring and summer.

Enjoy the weather!

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