Here at TOG24, we’ve got a real appreciation for the great outdoors. We know it well, and we prepare for it well. That’s why we created our small but effective range of men’s waterproof trousers...

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Coming in short and regular, our waterproof men’s trousers will get the job done, every time. Designed with the practicalities of working outdoors in mind, our trousers are easy to slip on and off, and have clever design features to ensure you stay dry, warm and hassle-free. Under the Velcro cover at the ankle you’ll find a handy zip to expand the leg, so you can say goodbye to taking your boots off every time.

This feature is accompanied by taped seams and water and windproof fabric, meaning no dampness makes its way in while you’re stuck in the wind, rain or snow. With breathability incorporated into their design, our men’s waterproof trousers also prevent clamming up inside, keeping your skin comfortable and dry no matter what comes your way. Grab your pair of essential men’s waterproof trousers in the TOG24 shop

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