Jun 11, 2020

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Monday June 15th is National Beer Day. At TOG24, we like nothing more than a nice cold beer after a good long walk, so for National Beer Day, we asked James Brown, the Founder of Beer52, all about the craft beer trend and what’s hip when it comes to hops. If you’d like to win a subscription to Beer52’s fantastic online beer delivery service then keep an eye on TOG24’s Twitter over the coming days as we have a great competition for beer lovers.

Tell us about Beer52

“Beer52 was founded back in the Summer of 2013, inspired by a motorcycle road trip that I took with my dad. Stopping at breweries along the way, I discovered a love of craft beer. I then set out to visit a new country every month in search of the best beers. My friend Fraser jumped on board for the ride and since then Beer52 has become the world's most popular beer club.”

What's the definition of a craft beer?

“In the UK we don't have a set definition of craft beer in the same way they do in places like the USA, where the definition is set by brewery size and ownership structure. We like to think of craft beer as something that puts quality before quantity and is made with passion, integrity, and creativity at its core.”

Which beers are the most popular right now and why?

“IPA's are our customer's most popular beer style. They are loved for their often juicy and tropical flavours and aromas.”

We’re also keen to know what trends are emerging on the craft beer scene.

“Lower ABV (alcohol by volume) beers have become increasingly popular. In terms of beer styles, IPA's are always popular and recently we've seen a resurgence of the classic West Coast IPA.”

Which beers would you recommend to someone new to the world of craft beers?

“North Brewing Co has a fantastic range of beers to explore. A personal team favourite from their core range is Transmission.”

TOG24 is a proud Yorkshire brand. Are there any beers from Yorkshire that you sell and would recommend?

“Northern Monk and Magic Rock are two incredible breweries in the area, anything they make is usually well worth trying.”


How can we help British brewers during this difficult time?

“At Beer52 we have put on special events like Cyberfest - the world's first online beer festival where you can order a case of beer and drink along at home with live tasting and brewery tours. This kind of thing really helps support breweries during Covid-19. It also allows our community to come together online and drink beers from some of our favourite breweries.”

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