When we at TOG24 saw the urgent requests for protective equipment for frontline health workers dealing with the coronavirus outbreak, we wondered if the ski goggles sitting in our warehouse could be of any use.  Leap forward a couple of weeks, and we’re delighted that our ski goggles have been distributed and are used by those that need them the most.

Thanks to the work of Medical Supply Drive UK, 200 pairs of TOG24 goggles were swiftly moved from our warehouse in Yorkshire and into the hands of health workers facing PPE shortages. Medical Supply Drive UK is an organisation run by NHS doctors, medical students and individuals who are concerned about the interest of NHS frontline healthcare workers with inadequate PPE. They aim to coordinate supply of non-essential PPEs from other sources and re-direct them to the NHS frontline staff and other healthcare settings.

Our goggles are now being used at the Shepherds Bush Medical Centre, Woodbine Manor Care Home and the Grange Nursing home in Surrey. , Marketing Director of TOG24, said: “At a time when we all need to work together to help those protecting and saving lives, we’re delighted that stock that was just sitting in a warehouse can now be put to such good use.”

For more information or to donate to Medical Supply Drive UK, visit their website here.

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