Create less waste?

THAT ALL Sounds like Common Sense to us.

Since 1958 we’ve been making clothing that does the job. In fact one of our founding principles 65 years ago was to manufacture products which would really last.Perhaps it’s our Yorkshire roots, but we’ve just always hated waste, so creating proper gear, in a proper way, has always been at the heart of what we do.

Turns out this philosophy of careful production and treating people decently is needed now more than ever. The climate emergency has brought the need for businesses like ours to really knuckle down and do what we can to protect people and planet.

So guided by common sense, we’re on a journey to make sure we have less impact. It’s going to be a long journey – but we’ve made some good progress so far, and we have ambitious plans to continue looking at all we do, and bit by bit, improving.

One Big Family.

Looking after all people

People matter. Spending time with those you love is everything. We’re proud to be family founded, and family run.

To make sure we are bringing the best products to our customers we have to make sure we are working with the right manufacturing partners. Garment manufacture is a labour-intensive industry, with very few automated processes, so it’s crucial to make sure we partner with the right suppliers with the right skills, and who also believe in our commitment to quality to ensure each product is the best it can be. Manufacturing overseas also ensures we can get the right price for our customer, which helps us meet our values of “being inclusive” and “value for money”.

Our suppliers are key to our product and our business and we work hard to build strong, collaborative partnerships with all our suppliers. This helps us to ensure we can continue to make garments to the very best standard for our customers, whilst also making sure the partnership is benefiting both parties. Our manufacturing takes place across 9 countries.

Built to Last and Last And Last

We’re committed to making more sustainable choices when it comes to the materials we use and although we don’t have all the answers, we’re proud to have already introduced sustainable and recycled materials into many of our garments. We strive for value and quality, and we’re known for products that are built to last, so we will only introduce a new material when we are confident that it is the right decision for the product and we’re not compromising on quality.

As a brand we have never been interested in fast trends and items that last for one season. We aim to create products that become staples in your wardrobe for years and last in terms of quality too. To enable us to do this we have introduced robust processes within our product development to ensure only the best and highest quality garments are reaching you, our customers.


We’ve never sent our clothes to landfill, now Preworn can give them a second life whilst raising money for your personal chosen charity. The largest second-hand clothing seller in the UK! The company started in 2019 by listing clothing that was purchased from a local charity shop.

It wasn’t long until Preworn expanded, since then Preworn has saved 600 tonnes of used clothing from going to landfill each year. 85% of unwanted clothing is in perfect condition and can be re-worn and re-loved. That’s where we come in by providing you with quality second-hand clothing and prices that are unmatched anywhere else.

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust

Proudly working with Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, helping to generate awareness and much needed funds: Yorkshire Wildlife Trust is a charity dedicated to conserving, protecting and restoring wildlife and wild places in Yorkshire.

Our vision is for a Yorkshire that is abundant in wildlife, with more people having a genuine and meaningful connection with nature. We were established as a charity in 1946 and are part of The Wildlife Trusts movement. We look after over 100 nature reserves right across Yorkshire and are involved in hundreds of other conservation-related projects. Our work inspires people to understand the value of nature and to take action for it.

Keep on Walking.
Our five Goals for continuing our journey


Data Collection

Data collection is a key area for us to improve upon. Currently it is very difficult to Produce accurate statistics across fabric usage, recycling achievements and supplier tier tracking.


Material Usage

We will increase the use of sustainable, recycled and certified materials in our products year on year. By 2025 we aim to use only recycled and recyclable materials in our product packaging.



We are looking at ways we can continue to improve on the life cycle of our products to ensure that even after an item is sold it doesn’t end up in landfill.


Partner Transparency

In line with our Modern Slavery statement, we aim to have increased visibility of our supply chain and will have mapped Tiers 1-5 of our supply base by 2024. We will also continue to nurture and grow our supplier partnerships and ensure we’re working with a like-minded supply chain.



We will continue to grow our relationship with community groups and charities close to us, as well as engaging with our teams through training, enhanced benefits and support.