Give seas a chance

Yorkshire’s seas were once full of wildlife, however following decades of human neglect and damage they are slowly dying. Yorkshire Wildlife Trust's expert marine team are working tirelessly to help save, restore and enhance our seas and incredible wildlife.

A magical world just below the surface

From our puffin-filled cliffs in Flamborough to the bottom of the sea bed, the North Sea is one our most iconic and widely enjoyed natural environments.
Our Coastlines and seas are home to a spectacular array of wildlife, from birds to dolphins, kelp forests to carbon-storing seagrass meadows and down to the depths where the quahogs live.
75 years ago the seas were full of life, today is very different story. Once there was a carpet of oysters on the Humber Estuary, seabirds such as Kittiwakes are in steep decline (40% since 1970s) and a beach comb along our shores is now turning into a litter-picking event as we tackle plastic pollution.
However, there is a positive, there is a solution- with your help in another 75 years we could turn this all back round. Our seas could once again be filled back with Atlantic bluefin tuna, the lost oysters and the countless colourful creatures covering our chalk reefs which play a vital role in protecting our climate.
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