How to choose the best swimwear for your body shape


Jun 28, 2024

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How to choose the best swimwear for your body shape

Sometimes, the thought of wearing a swimsuit can cause a little flutter in the tummy. But the trick is to choose the right type, shape and fit for your body. It’s so important to feel comfortable in swimwear without compromising on style and quality.

Ready to find flattering swimming costumes or flattering bikinis? Here are some top tips to find the best swimwear for your body shape.

Pear body shape

The pear is identified by a smaller bust, narrow shoulders and wider hips. For flattering bikinis choose tops with bold patterns, padded cups and plunging necklines to emphasise your bust. For bottoms choose darker, solid colours to contrast with the busy, vibrant top half.

If you opt for a swimsuit, plunging V-necks and off-the-shoulder styles work well to emphasise the shoulder and bust area, whilst showing off your curves. Try our Kady swimsuit. The plunging V-neck, tummy control and lightly padded fixed cups make it the perfect swimsuit whatever the occasion. Whether you’re swimming in the Med or your local swimming pool, you’ll feel confident and comfortable in this flattering swimsuit.

Apple body shape

If you have an apple shape you tend to be broader in the bust and shoulders than the waist. To add emphasis to your waist and hips opt for bright, floral patterned bottoms.

Plunging V-necks tend to be very flattering if your upper body is wider than your bottom half. Halter neck swimsuits also work well for women with broader shoulders. Our Ashleigh swimsuit is fantastic. With a beautifully designed halter neck, padded cups and tummy control it’s the ideal combination of style and comfort.  

Hourglass body shape

An hourglass figure is all about a well-proportioned bust and hips and a defined waist.

The good news is that hourglass figures suit most styles of swimwear. High-waisted bottoms will help to make your legs look longer. And if you opt for a bikini, matching sets will help to keep your body in proportion.

Flattering swimsuits with belts across the waistline look great on hourglass bodies as they draw attention to the waistline but not the tummy itself. Patterned swimsuits also work well with hourglass body shapes. Our Kady floral print swimsuit will help accentuate those beautiful curves.

Rectangle body shape

If you have a rectangle body shape, your figure has more of a straight silhouette. So, what’s the best swimsuit for your body?

Bold and patterned swimwear will help add volume to your waist and bust. Halter neck bikini tops and swimsuits also work wonders as they enhance the bust area.

Triangle bikini tops and tie waist bottoms will help flatter your straight silhouette. Likewise, if you choose to wear a swimsuit, halter necks look great and will help to lengthen your body. Our Ashleigh swimsuit in dark indigo stripe is a wonderful option for women with a rectangle body shape.

Finding the best beach outfits for women

The best beach outfits for women depend on a multitude of things. You’ve got your favourite styles to think about, the colours you love and crucially, your body shape.

Choosing swimwear that flatters your body shape is super important. Remember, different patterns, cuts and styles of swimwear (whether bikini or swimsuit) will naturally suit your shape better.

But we can’t ignore comfort too. Simply put, if you aren’t comfortable in your swimwear then you won’t feel confident. You want to be able to wear your beachwear without having to give it a second thought. There’s nothing better than that feeling of stepping out onto the beach or to the pool, feeling great in your swimwear and your own skin.

Remember, all women’s body shapes are slightly different and you may not fit neatly into the above descriptions. But that’s OK. It’s about trying styles and finding the right swimwear for you. If you feel happy and confident in your swimwear then you’ll look great!

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