Mother’s day gift guide


Mar 15, 2023

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Mother’s day gift guide

Whether you already have a gift idea in mind or simply need some inspiration for Mother’s Day 2023, our latest gift guide is a great place to start. Perfect for mums who love keeping active and enjoying the great outdoors, our list of top Mother’s Day picks includes plenty of unique gift ideas that combine style, practicality and quality.

With gifts for avid walkers and hikers, keen gardeners, yoga addicts, and those who enjoy a cosy day at home, you’ll find plenty of great options (and buying tips) to help you choose an instant Mother’s Day hit.


Our women’s gloves are soft, warm and super durable, and are sure to delight any mum who loves to get outside on those chilly spring mornings (or even those who love a ski holiday).

Ideal for a small present and available in a great range of colours, styles and unique knits, you’re sure to find the perfect pair of gloves at TOG24. Whether you’re looking for a super thin pair of simple black gloves like Trace or something with a pop of colour like Wheeton or Grouse, these luxurious gloves are bound to make mum smile this year.

Tip: How to measure glove size

If you’re unsure how to choose the right sized gloves for your mum, you’ll want to take a quick look at our size guide for gloves – here you’ll find specific hand measurements and info on how they equate to common glove sizes such as small, medium, and large.

As you’re buying gloves for someone else, you might need to sneak a look at those hands. Or you can try discreetly checking or measuring the size of an existing pair of your mum’s gloves, or using your own hand as a rough guide and working out the best size along with the size guide.

Loungewear & Slippers

Now this is a Mother’s Day gift to make any mum smile.

Ideal for cosying down before bed, wearing around the house, or warming up after a long day outdoors, our luxurious loungewear is sure to be a hit. Our loungewear collection includes a great selection of pyjama sets for spring and summer as well as warm joggers, sweaters and t-shirts that you can mix and match for the perfect gift. Made with peachy soft, breathable cotton, you can bet that joggers like Willerby or pyjama sets like Mellow and our Relax Pyjama Short Set will tick every box for mum this year.

And what about those slippers too? Complete the loungewear set with a pair of super soft, warm slippers - designs like Tunnard come with a fuzzy inner sole, a faux fur trim, a protective rubber base, and a lush woven design to keep mum’s feet cosy at home. For an even warmer pair of slipper boots, we also have designs like Cordingley that will keep her feet warm all the way up to the ankle – a great option in colder months.


March can be quite the chilly month, and just like gloves, a scarf can make a great addition to your mum’s outdoor kit even in spring. This is a particularly good gift for those who enjoy ski holidays as well as nights around the campfire when there’s a bite in the air.

Our scarves come in a great variety of colours, patterns, weights and knits, so finding the perfect scarf to suit mum’s style is super easy. You really can’t go wrong. Designs like Craiden offer a bold mixture of block colours in a fuzzy soft finish which your mum will love wrapping up in. For a block colour scarf with a lovely ribbed texture, opt for designs like Hanlith, a simpler option that any mum would be happy to receive on Mother’s Day.

Tip: How to choose the perfect scarf

If you don’t know which scarf to get for mum this year (and you want to feel confident that she will love it), opt for a versatile design that would look great with the rest of her outdoor kit. Take note of the colour and style of her winter and spring jackets, as well as her accessories for a great colour and style match.

Water Bottles & Flasks

Whether your mum loves hiking, going to the gym, yoga sessions or is simply in need of a new water flask, there are plenty of functional and stylish water bottles to choose from at TOG24.

Our signature water bottle design, Hereford, is available in a selection of bright tones as well as outdoorsy colours like silver, black, and khaki. It also has an easy-carry lid that can be hooked on a rucksack or bag, making it ideal for camping and hiking.

Heaton has a super slim style that mum is sure to love, and it’s great if she likes pink too. As they are spill proof and guaranteed to keep water ice cold, these bottles are a great gift for mum this year.

Tip: What is a hydro flask, and do I need one?

As a well-known brand of thermal water bottles, the name Hydro Flask has become synonymous with water bottles and flasks. And as they prioritise practicality, quality, and sustainability, a Hydro Flask is a popular choice for those who love to keep active outdoors. Having said that, there are plenty of alternatives to Hydro Flasks (including our own TOG24 water bottles) that provide the essentials like temperature maintenance, great taste, easy transportation, and sustainability at a slightly more accessible price point.

Backpacks & Bags

Ideal for mums on the go, a stylish and sturdy rucksack is a great option for Mother’s Day.

Whether your mum enjoys long hikes in the Yorkshire Dales, is an avid camper, or loves a day at the beach, our selection of versatile backpacks and bags is a great place to find something she will get plenty of use out of.

For a practical bag that is perfect for outdoor adventures, opt for designs like Doherty, a sporty, durable bag that’s lightweight and full of practical features. You’ll also find simple and chic designs like Exley in a stylish faded pink - a great mini backpack for travelling and holidays.

Tip: How to measure for a backpack

As all of our backpacks are fully adjustable and super lightweight, finding a rucksack for mum that she can use day-to-day is relatively simple. However, if you’re looking for something heavy duty for things like long hikes, trekking, and even travelling, you’ll want to make sure you go for the right fit. If in doubt, check out our Backpack 101 guide that details all you need to know to get a great backpack that’s right for your mum.

No matter what you decide to get your mum (or a mum in your life) this Mother’s Day, we hope this guide has given you a bit of inspiration. With ideas for everyday lounging, gym routines, outdoor adventures, and mum’s active lifestyle, there’s plenty to start with. And in addition to the above, some great gift ideas include a new pair of walking boots or wellies, activewear, as well as a cosy sweater or hoodie.

Wishing all the mum’s out there a very happy Mother’s Day!

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