Tips – by Mums - to Get Children Involved in the Gardening


May 26, 2020

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Tips – by Mums - to Get Children Involved in the Gardening

It’s National Children’s Gardening Week, so we got chatting with mums to find out how they get their kids involved in the gardening. We had 5 fantastic tips from @manicmumdayscas:

- Get kids involved early! Even tiny tots can plant seeds and water them and get their hands muddy (it's all good fun!)

- Take a trip to a garden centre to choose your seeds and show children what their tiny seeds will turn into! Great for inspiring little minds to design skills at an early age.

- Have a great waterproof/ all in one to hand for tiny ones so there's no excuse for clothes getting dirty and all the space for free play!

- Get little ones to draw plants in the garden for a fun art activity.

- Think about investing in an allotment, it's great for all ages and to see the process of where food comes from is invaluable. It's free, it's great for the environment, and who can resist the taste of fresh fruit and veg that you have grown yourself!

Our Craven kids packaway waterproofs are perfect for getting the kids out into the garden – it will keep them dry should the classic wet British weather suddenly appear, but they will also wipe clean too. Like an apron for the outdoors!


We’ve had some great shots sent in for Children’s Gardening Week from @whatalexdid, @scully00, and @elsie_and_freya – take a look! Tag us in your social photos if you and the #TOGsprogs get out in the garden this week to try out these tips… just don’t forget to #GetToggedUp

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