The Elite Jacket

When it comes to jackets, it’s safe to say we know a thing or two. That’s why we’ve designed the epic Elite jacket - a padded jacket for both men and women delivering optimum warmth without any bulk...

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Padded jackets, sometimes referred to as puffer jackets, are a popular staple in the UK, but not all jackets are created equal. Using ethically and responsibly sourced feather and down filling, our Elite jacket is ultra-lightweight yet high-performing when the chilly weather strikes. The sleek outer finish is shower resistant, meaning those misty and foggy days and surprise rainclouds won't ruin your day. Designed for everyday wear, our Elite jackets have super strong, reinforced seams, ensuring the distinctive baffles will keep their shape. Extra-strong bindings around the jacket edges, prevent common wear and tear, especially around the sleeves and pockets – you can keep your hands warm in your pockets as much as you like without worrying about fraying or stretching. As always, our TOG24 Elite jackets for men and women are super soft against the skin and can easily be worn over a basic t-shirt. They also function as a handy thermal layer and can be paired with virtually any TOG24 packaway or waterproof jacket for extra warmth. Find your new Elite jacket in the TOG24 shop.

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