Women Coats & Jackets Quilted

Say hello to the TOG24 women’s quilted jacket - a practical and stylish staple for lovers of the great outdoors. Whether you’re going on a long hike, camping in the wild, or doing the daily commute, our women’s quilted winter coats maximise comfort, warmth and convenience. Hyper effective thermal filling with breathable fabric ensures you stay super warm without the weight and bulk of a traditional warm jacket. Our women’s quilted jackets are easy to transport and multifunctional – you can easily pack these coats into a handbag or backpack or fold them down into a pocket sized pouch. Our quilted jackets for women can also double as a travel pillow for long journeys or for outdoor adventures. Acting as a brilliant base or mid-layer, they’re useful all year round. Coming in an attractive selection of on-trend and classic colours such as black, grey, navy, rose pink, ceramic blue, grape and rouge, it’s never been easier to find a quilted jacket to match your unique look. In addition to our casual quilted style, our collection also features longer, form-fitting coats to enhance your natural silhouette. Find your new favourite quilted jacket for women in the TOG24 collection.