Frequently asked questions about products

Where can I find a size guide?

On the product page under the size options there is a button that will take you to a comprehensive size guide, which should help you to locate the size that’s right for you. This can also be found in the footer at the bottom of our website.

Why can’t I find my size?

Unfortunately, if your size isn’t showing in the dropdown menu it means that we are currently out of stock in that size. We are continuously getting new deliveries so please check back for changes. If you would like assistance to find a similar item which is currently available please get in touch.

Where are your products manufactured?

All of our clothing and accessories are designed in our head office in Yorkshire where we’ve always been based. We source and produce our products all over the world including several countries such as China, India, Sri Lanka and Turkey.

How long are TOG24 products guaranteed for?

All our products are guaranteed for 1 year for workmanship and material faults. Please keep your proof of purchase to ensure that we can validate this. 

What are your policies regarding safe working practices?

We have policies in place in regard to safe working practices with our factories. We are in constant communication with them and they are audited regularly to ensure that all parties are happy.

How do I register my guarantee?

We have recently changed our policy regarding registering your guarantee online. We no longer ask you to do this - we simply ask you to save your receipt as proof of purchase if you have bought from a store. Or if you have bought online please just save the emails from us – all we need is the proof of date of purchase.

What are your policies regarding ethical sourcing?

TOG24 Down Feather Policies
At TOG24 we are committed to making sure that our down products use only the highest quality ethically sourced down. We ensure that down used in our products is traceable and ethical by working with RDS (responsible down standard) certified suppliers. RDS is a globally recognised certification ensuring that down and feathers come from ducks and geese that have been treated well and are never live plucked. We require our suppliers to regularly certify that our products comply with RDS standards.

TOG24 Merino Policies
At TOG24 we are committed to only working with suppliers which use high quality and ethically sourced merino. This means the Merino used in TOG24 products is non-mulesed to ensure animal welfare

TOG24 Fur Policies
As a company we do not use real animal fur in any of our products. We ensure any fur trim used on product is 100% synthetic. All of our faux fur trim is easy to care for, clean and store.