Summer's here!

Time for walks on the hills, strolls along proms, building epic sandcastles, or maybe just relaxing in a beer garden. Whatever type of Summer you have planned, we've got loads of new styles to help you enjoy the long days. So let's get ready and get out there. See you on the beach.


When it comes to staying safe in the great outdoors, it's important to invest in quality eyewear. Here at TOG24, we've developed a solid collection to wear while driving, walking, or sitting in the beer garden or beach with your friends.

Bottles & flasks

Durable, lightweight and easy to carry, our bottles keeps drinks ice cold and is perfect for taking to the beach, gym, on a hike across the moors or for a trip into town. Fill it with whatever tickles your pickle.


Strap on, its getting hot out there! These must haves fit into any bag, always ready for the beach and vital for walks to the ice cream van - remember: Absolutely no socks.