How to style a hoodie


Feb 06, 2023

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How to style a hoodie

Naturally, dressing warmer in winter often means the addition of sweaters, jackets, and other winter accessories to keep you warm in cold, windy and wet weather. But even with our added layers in the winter months, putting together an outfit that makes you look and feel great is simpler than you might think. Hoodies are one of the most common go-tos in colder months - whether you’re wearing it around the house, to work or out for a meal with friends, this typically casual garment can look as good as your other seasonal clothing with the right styling.

In today’s post, we’ll take you through some ways to make your favourite winter hoodies part of a stylish, cohesive outfit that will look great no matter where you wear it.

How to wear a hoodie: our top styling tips

Tip 1: Layering your hoodie under a gilet

Gilets are great for keeping your core warm and dry without having to completely cover whatever you’re wearing underneath. And as they are designed to keep your arms free and to be slightly cooler than a full winter coat, gilets are a great option to pair with a hoodie.

If you want an outfit that’s both super warm yet stylish, choose a gilet that best matches the look you are going for, whether an outdoorsy style gilet or something that follows a more gorpcore aesthetic. Most gilets are designed to be super lightweight and won't add excess bulk, making them great for layering over a warm hoodie. Some even come with detachable faux fur hoods that can accentuate your outfit in winter. Opt for something in a block colour such as black, khaki, or even a light pink and layer this over a hoodie of your choice.

Tip 2: Layering your hoodie under a smart jacket

Hoodies can look great when paired with a smarter coat, whether a blazer, a long mac, a peacoat or a trench coat. Longer, tailored-style coats are great for places like work and heading out for a meal, and by adding a hoodie underneath, you can combine casual and smart without going too far in either direction.

When layering your hoodie under a long smart coat, monochromatic colours will always look great. Pair a plain black hoodie with a long black coat, or an off-white hoodie with a beige or light khaki jacket. This option will look fantastic with virtually anything including jeans and leggings, plus your footwear of choice be it trainers or boots. 

Tip 3: Embracing oversized options

Over the last few years, loungewear has become a lot more mainstream in the fashion world, specifically oversized loungewear. Hoodies are one of the few items of clothing that can be worn oversized and still look great. If you want a casual yet stylish look for wearing out, to the gym, or for just lounging around the house with friends, an oversized option is a great choice.

Oversized hoodies tend to go best with fitted items on the bottom such as leggings and stretch jeans, however, they can also work with a wide leg jean. When going oversized, you’ll want to take care that your outfit looks intended and cohesive, and this can be helped with the accessories you choose.

Tip 4: Enhance your hoodie with the right accessories

As mentioned above, accessories can help when styling a hoodie to not only make your outfit a bit more cohesive overall, but to express yourself as well. A plain block hoodie is a great canvas for styling, as it can go with virtually anything.

One of the best pieces of advice when understanding how to style a women’s hoodie is that though it is considered a casual piece of clothing, your accessories don’t necessarily need to be casual as well. In fact, many women match their jewellery or bags with a casual hoodie to add some colour, texture, and shine to their outfit and to really help to balance the simplicity of a hoodie.

Whether you opt for delicate, lighter jewellery or chunkier, heavier jewellery, styling a hoodie with accessories is a great way to express yourself while maximising the versatility that hoodies have to offer.

Tip 5: Keep quality in mind when choosing your hoodies

If you want a hoodie that you can style easily and will look good, it’s important to keep quality in mind. Hoodies made from poor quality fabric have a tendency to lose their shape, shrink, and become covered in pills and bobbles over time.

To ensure your hoodie looks smart and stylish in the long term, opt for super soft hoodies made from quality fabric. These will not only offer warmth, a soft interior, and some added breathability, they will also look great in the long term, even with layering. 

Many people choose to purchase the same long-lasting hoodie in a multitude of colours, making outfit assembling and accessorising very easy. Not only will this help with your styling efforts, but it will reduce the amount of clothing you waste and will ensure your outfits look sharp, even when airing on the casual side.

So now you know just how to style a hoodie so you look and feel great all year round. Whether you choose an outdoorsy look with a gilet, a smart look combining a hoodie and smart jacket, or you enhance your hoodie through accessories, by keeping these simple tips in mind you can maximise the use of your most comfortable hoodies with confidence.
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