It's a family affair


Apr 05, 2020

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It's a family affair

The TOG24 story began over 60 years ago. Our founder, Donald Ward, had been apprenticed as a millwright, repairing the looms of the then flourishing textile industry around Dewsbury and by 1958 Donald decided to set up something of his own.

If the shoe fits!

Based in the Spen Valley town of Heckmondwike, we initially produced footwear in our own home factories. In 1962, the opportunity had arisen to sew boot and sport shoe uppers for the well-known sports brand PUMA, This then resulted in the first production of Mileta sports shoes – designed by the Guinness World Record holding athlete, and fellow Yorkshireman, Derek Ibbotson (who had become known as the ‘Mile Eater’ due to his running success, and hence Mile Eater became… Mileta).

Football’s Coming Home

Following on from this success, the new Mileta football clothing range was set up in the early 70s. The new breadth of success and production meant it was time move to a larger premises for carrying out business - that being the Heckmondwike premises of today. We were proud for our new home to be opened by the reigning world champions at the time – being Brazil – including World Footballer of the Year, Pele.

Our foray into the sporting world didn’t stop there, as the TC6 shoe was then created, designed to help children learn to play football. It was endorsed by England and Leeds full back Terry Cooper.

In 1972 came the invention of Identitabs (numbered sock tie ups allowing for player identification). They were pioneered by Leeds United in their 'glory years' by players such as Billy Bremner, Jack Charlton and Peter Lorimer and continued to be a great success for us: worn in international matches, FA Cup finals, and Rugby League finals.

And tonight, Matthew…

It was in the early 1980s that we officially became TOG24 and our passions moved on from sporting goods and evolved into our more familiar outdoor heros: the waterproofs and fleeces that we all know and love today. From footwear, to sportswear, to lifestyle & outdoor clothing – TOG24 stands for ‘Truth Over Glory Everyday’, a reflection of our affinity for the everyday person, and their everyday adventures.

We remain a family brand, run from the same premises in Heckmondwike by Donald, followed on by his sons, and today his grandsons. Today, TOG24 has 60 outlets across the UK and Ireland, including their original Heckmondwike factory store, as well as welcoming you to our website where we ship to many different locations worldwide.

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