UK Summer Holiday Guide: Your questions answered


Sep 07, 2021

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UK Summer Holiday Guide: Your questions answered

With travel abroad still limited and expensive, and the UK playing host to so many wonderful places to holiday, we thought it’d be helpful to answer some FAQ’s about UK summer holidays, what to do on them and how to prepare.

What Can I do on holiday in the UK?

The UK has plenty of interesting things to do and places to visit. If you’re after a city or shopping break there’s plenty to choose from. Edinburgh and London lead the pack in terms of profile, but there are plenty of regional wonders as well. From Truro to Aberdeen, Bristol to Liverpool and Leeds to Carlisle whether you want to travel near or far UK cities offer a wealth of historical wonders, art galleries and entertainment venues.

If you’re searching for beaches, there are loads of seaside towns up and down the UK, as well as more remote beaches and islands. Whilst everyone has their favourite, as proud Yorkshire folk, we’ll always put in a word the likes of Whitby, Filey, Scarborough and a special mention for the dramatic beauty of Robin Hood’s Bay.

Camping is also a wonderful way to spend time in the UK, you can stay within some of the UK’s most beautiful landscapes such as national parks like Loch Lomond & the Trossachs or the Peak District.

These parks offer a great base to discover the UK’s wilderness. Hiking is the best way to see the country (though not possible for everyone). Some of the most amazing scenery can be enjoyed atop Ben Nevis, the UK’s tallest mountain (if you’re up to the challenge of course) or the North York Moors.

How do I Plan a Walk?

Nowadays, on your mobile phone, thousands of walking routes are readily available, you just need to know how to find them. For example, Welcome to Yorkshire have curated the Walkshire service, a long list of walks around God’s own county to enjoy. Apps like Footpath also let you map out your own routes with the tap of a button, so you can work within yourself and your family’s limits. Just make sure you’ve got plenty of water, are wearing your walking boots and it’s always best to make sure there’s a pub or picnic break in the middle.

What Should I Wear while Away?

The problem with a UK holiday is that the weather is much less predictable than in Spain or Italy, so you must be prepared for anything. It’s best to check the forecast and work around that, although you can never be too prepared. Therefore, alongside your shorts, t-shirt and sunglasses, you may want to make sure you have a warm hat, hoodie and down jacket prepared just in case it gets chilly. A softshell in case it gets windy or a waterproof also may both come in handy, in case the weather takes a turn.

What Should I do at the Seaside?

Beyond the classic seaside activities of sandcastles, fish and chips and paddling, there are many interesting things to do upon visiting the UK’s coastline. Rock pooling is an exciting way of discovering the critters that live in these environments and an alternative activity for the children, you can read our guide on it here. We also have a guide on coastal crafts, these can provide a new creative activity for yourself and all the family, as well as something to always remember the beach trip with. Seaside walks are also a lovely activity with many beaches stretching for miles, especially good if you have a dog to walk as well.

Is It Legal to Drive in Flip Flops?

On the topic of beaches, flip flops are a pretty essential accessory if you’re visiting the UK’s sandy shores. While it is not illegal to drive in flip flops or barefoot, it is not recommended, and can still land you in trouble. The RAC state: “Driving in less than practical shoes – or no shoes at all for that matter – is not illegal, but you have a responsibility as a driver to uphold standards on the road.” Flip flops can affect your control of a car and it’s probably best to drive in some more appropriate footwear before sliding into a pair once you’re safely at your location.

If you are holidaying in the UK this Summer, make sure to stay safe, follow our tips to make sure you’re fully prepared and have a great time!

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